Monday, July 21, 2008

More Finished Projects!

Hi All!

Here's another Poncho, done in the Lion Brand Boucle "Wild Berries". Isn't it a great color!! I love it!!

Here's Sally's sweater finished. Its a summer Tee style, done in Red Heart Speckled Aran 4 ply. It came out really nice.

I've been fooling around with left over yarn, making 12" square blocks that are copies of quilt patterns. here's a diamond pattern.

And this one's my favorite, a pineapple, done in the Trinity stitch. Does it look like a pineapple to you??? Let me know what you think!!

Parker's afghan is still coming along, I've got about 20" left to go on it, and boy, is it beautiful!!

I'm also working on a scarf to Cousin Tina, and a sweater jacket for ME!! I'll keep ya'll posted!!

Thanks for stopping by!!